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Q: Are your estimates really free?

A: Yes! At Jerry Pybuse Electric, Inc, our estimates are free for residents of Bay County. However, they are limited to projects that only require information gathering or visual assessments.

In order to know why something is not working properly, we have to perform diagnostics and testing. If you have a minor repair, you may schedule an appointment for a service call, and we will gladly come to your home or business and assess your situation and perform the needed repairs.

If the assessment of your project reveals a more serious problem, we will gladly give you a free estimate for the repairs needed and work with you to complete your project and meet your needs. Our free estimates are limited to projects that only require information gathering or visual assessments. We are not able to offer free estimates on minor service work or repairs.

Q: Are your electricians available for same day service and emergency after hour calls?

A: Yes, our skilled electricians are available daily to assist you with your projects. If you have an emergency power outage or other issue that requires immediate attention, we can normally make the repair the same business day. Non emergency calls are scheduled on a first come first serve basis.

Our electricians are available 24 hours a day to help you in emergency situations. We have experience working with local cities and utility companies to make your repairs and get your power restored the same day in most cases. In Panama City, we are minutes from you home or business.

Q: Why do my smoke detectors chirp?

A: This could indicate a defective smoke detector. This could also be telling you that the battery life is low or gone. Note, if you mix brand name smoke detectors, they may not be able to communicate if one goes off. This is a serious matter. If you do replace one of your smoke detectors, make sure it is compatible with the others in your home.

Q: Are you local?

A: Jerry Pybuse Electric, Inc is located in Springfiled Florida, so Panama City is our major service area. However, we regularly service all of Bay County and other neighboring Florida Counties.

Q: My plugs outside are not working. Do you know what the problem might be and what it might cost to fix it?

A: The problem is most likely a tripped GFCI outlet or breaker. A GFCI or ground fault circuit interrupter is designed for your safety and most likely tripped due to moisture, a faulty cord or wiring, or a faulty piece of equipment connected to an outlet. We suggest you unplug all the devices from your exterior plugs, locate the gfci outlet and attempt to reset it. If the gfci will not reset, you may schedule a service call with us, and we will gladly come to your home and examine your wiring system for additional problems.

Q: I have a Federal Pacific electrical panel. Should I be concerned?

A: YES. We recommend that all Federal Pacific panels be replaced where possible. At the very least we suggest that you have the panel examined by a qualified electrician.

Q: Why does my recessed light cycle on and off?

A: You could have the wrong type bulb installed. A higher rated watt bulb will create too much heat and will trip the thermal device turning the recessed light off.

A: There may be insulation packed around the recessed light-- not letting the heat dissipate and in return tripping the thermal device. After the recessed light cools down, it will cycle back on.

Q: Do you provide electrical services in our area?

A: Our electricians serve Bay County Florida (and neighboring Counties) with all residential electrical needs as well as commercial contracting..

Q: I have already reset the breaker but I still do not have power. Why?

A: This is actually one of the most common questions we answer on a daily basis. In order to reset a breaker on your electrical panel, you must push the breaker firmly to the “off” position and then push it back to the “on” position. Most people fail to push the breaker firmly past the off position and assume it is reset. If the problem has still not corrected itself, please contact us and will be happy to assist you.

Q: What does it mean when my fluorescent lights are flickering or cycling on and off?

A: Flickering may indicate impending bulb failure, minor power fluctuation, and/or improperly installed bulbs. Cycling on and off is usually a clear indication of ballast and/or bulb failure. It is recommended when replacing ballast to replace bulbs as well.

Q: Is Jerry Pybus Electric, Inc a licensed and insured electrical contractor?

A: Yes, Jerry Pybus Electric, Inc is licensed with the State of Florida, Alabama and Georgia. We also carry commercial liability insurance in excess of 1-million dollars. We are also locally licensed through area cities in order to obtain permits when necessary to complete your projects.

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