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Backup Power Generators throughtout Panama City, Florida

Be prepared for storms - let us install a backup generator

Standby Electric Generators are quickly becoming a common upgrade for many modern homes and buildings. With the amount of essential electrical devices running in our home a sudden or extended power loss can be extremely inconvenient. Not only it is inconvenient but power outages can be costly for commercial property owners and business owners who lose money when their facility is without power.

The solution is a have a standby electric generator installed on your home or building. Some backup systems can sense your power outage and kick in automatically, while others may need to be started up manually. Backup generators that we install typically run on natural gas, propane or even diesel fuel.

Jerry Pybus Electric, Inc is a full service electrical contractor in the Bay County Area with the experience you need. Standby generators are a common building upgrade that we’ve performed many, many times. When you choose Jerry Pybus Electric, Inc to install your standby electric generator you will have the peace of mind knowing your installation is clean, safe and warrantied against any defects.

Backup Power Generator Installations:

  • Emergency Power Backup Generators
  • Transfer Switches and Generator Panels
  • Residential Backup Power Generators
  • Commercial Backup Power Generators
  • Generator Repairs & Maintenance








If you’d like to have a backup power generator system installed for your home or business then give us a call.

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