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About Jerry Pybus Electric, Inc in Panama City Florida

Pybus Electric Bucket Service Truck.

Jerry Pybus Electric was established in 1985 by Jerry Pybus. Jerry Pybus is a State of Florida licensed Master Electrician (EC0000510).

Our company was founded on the principles of integrity, pride, and excellence. We are an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau. We strive to hire the most qualified electricians in the Panama City area, in order to provide you with professional and quality service.

Jerry Pybus a master electrician, has worked for many years on projects ranging from in home electrical repairs to high rise new construction and everything in between.

Whether you are searching for an electrician in Panama City or neighboring towns, Jerry Pybus Electric, Inc has the experience necessary to do the job.

Mission Statement:

Our Mission is to achieve excellence in service by providing superior training, leadership and direction to our employees. We will work together as a team with our eyes on success -building projects and people we can be proud of. We will not compromise the integrity or faith of our people or projects for the sake of gain or loss!

We will help our employees reach their full potential, encourage their success, and promote outstanding achievement. Our company is a community of coworkers and co achievers. We will look to inspire at every opportunity and teach rather than discourage.

Our technicians will not only be competent, but confident and ready to meet the challenges of our customers. Through impeccable performance, attention to detail, and belief in our team, we will become the best in the electrical field and achieve excellence!

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