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Replace your faulty Fluorescent Lighting Ballast

Florescent Lighting repairs need a new Ballast in many cases

Fluorescent lights are energy saving, give a lot of light, and last a long time. We are referring to the tube type; long tubes or circular tubes and not the new fluorescent light bulbs, although you can expect the same energy saving features with the fluorescent bulbs.

When fluorescent lights go out, you probably saw it coming. They started to flicker and were slower and slower to come on. In fact, you may have needed to flip the switch a couple of times to get them to come on at all before going completely out. You do not need to put up with this. The ballast is the problem.

We will be happy to check and replace your lighting ballasts. You can even save a fluorescent tube if you get your ballast changed at the first sign it is going out. This will probably be noticed first by the flickering. Unfortunately, a little fluorescent light flickering is easy for most people to ignore. By the time the light is out, you probably need a need light and ballast. We will be happy to take a look.

Our electricians are on call 24/7 in the event of an electrical emergency.

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