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Upgrade your electric panels

Electrical Service Change

We like our big televisions, new kitchen appliances, laser printers, and other modern conveniences. Unfortunately, too often our house was not built with all these appliances and electrical needs in mind. The result is we need a new, upgraded electrical panel.

Or maybe your home is has just a Fuse Panel, that might not be properly protecting the wiring in your home due to incorrect fuse sizing.

Or do you have an old Federal Pacific breaker panel that needs to be replaced for your safety?

Get the electric panel you need for today's appliances and equipment

Jerry Pybus Electric can switch out your old electric panel with one that will serve your current needs. We will connect your panel to the electric meter with an upgrade in wiring and meter socket if necessary. You will not get a job done half-right with Jerry Pybus Electric, Inc.

Our electricians are on call 24/7 in the event of an electrical emergency.

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