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Jerry Pybus Electric, Inc can install your ceiling fans

Ceiling Fans installed by our Electricians

Jerry Pybus Electric,Inc, specializes in ceiling fan installations. We regularly install ceiling fans in Panama City and the Bay County, Florida area. Our expertise will insure your fan is installed safely and securely. And an easy way to add beauty and comfort to your home or condo.

Reduce your electric bills

Ceiling fans provide an inexpensive upgrade to your home or business. Call us to install your ceiling fans or lighted ceiling fans. This is a fast and affordable upgrade.

You will need an appropriate UL rated electric box.

This box is located in the ceiling (usually in the attic area) directly above the fan. The box has all the wiring needed for your fan. Ceiling fans are usually dependant on a specific electric box. Make sure you have the correct box installed with proper wiring to it.

Buying advice: mounts and down rods.

Mounts are either standard, low profile (flush) and sloped (vaulted ceilings). Standard or extended mounts are available with most fans sold . These will allow for more air transfer than the flush mounts. However, many fans are available with low profile mounts because these are frequently needed for low ceilings and over beds and tables.

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