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Whole Home / Office Surge Suppression Systems


Florida is the lightning capital of the country, and everyday people just like you lose their TV's, video games, appliances, and other electronic devices to power surges. The question is, how to protect yourself?

What is a power surge?

A short burst of electricity that can range from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of volts. Depending on their strength, they can degrade or destroy expensive electronic and electrical appliances.

Surge Protection installed by our electricansWhat causes surges?

Surges are a natural byproduct of having electricity. When various electrical products are turned on they create a surge. The source & the strength of that surge, combined with the presence or absence of surge protection, can have no noticeable effect to destroying various products. For example, when motors start they create a strong surge but typically do not destroy other products in your home or office. However, if a power pole was hit by a vehicle or lightning that creates a strong surge which typically causes damage. Whether the damage occurs in your home or business depends on where the surge travels after it was generated. Lightning is the most dangerous surge, and one we here in Florida are familiar with. However, utility power surges cause the most damage nationally

I have a power strip with surge portection... Isn't that enough?

While surge protector strips can protect just a few 120 volt electronic devices (computers, monitors, TV’s, etc.), a surge suppressor installed at your service panel can diffuse a power surge from ever entering the building and will provide protection for 120 volt as well as your 240 volt equipment. Many home and office owners have a false assumption that surge protection is simply a matter of plugging their devices into a low-cost, multi-outlet surge suppressor. These devices often fail, while a surge suppressor is much more reliable and provides greater protection.


Call Jerry Pybus Electric, Inc to have one of our electricans install your new whole home or office surge protection.... before your suffer a loss!

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